Where does a professional gamer live?

As parents, during your child's career, you will regularly ask yourself where your child lives.

You should already be aware that your child may have to leave the family cocoon early, often between the ages of 16 and 18, to live abroad. In my case, Olivier had a first offer to work in Spain when he was 16. This had not happened and you can find all the details in his history.

When he was 18, he signed his first professional contract to live in Barcelona in a Gaming House (GH).

Mad Lions Gaming House - Madrid

The Gaming House is a very common type of accommodation in eSports, many organizations have one.

Usually, it is a large villa with several areas allowing players to live and train together.

There will be at least one gaming room, which is a computer room, equipped for video games, which will be the main room for the team for training.

There is usually a meeting room and a gym for physical activities.

The GH is obviously equipped with several more classic rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen.

Gamers Origin training center - Gaming room - Paris

The GH is often located close to the match site, which facilitates logistics and saves the players long journeys.

Group life within a GH simplifies the supervision of the players, particularly in terms of schedule management. And it can also contribute to the creation of a social link and better team spirit.

Some organizations have evolved this concept by separating the workplace from the living environment. Indeed, when he was in Berlin, every day Olivier met his team in a training center. Outside working hours, he lived with 2 other teammates in an apartment near the training center.

This system has the benefit of giving a little more privacy to the players and avoiding that they are together 24 hours a day.

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