What's a professional gamer's workday like?

The working day of an esports athlete is often very busy and its content can obviously evolve according to each structure and according to many parameters such as the competition calendar, team results, media and sponsor solicitations... Usually, the working day starts around 10 am and finishes around 8 pm. A large part of the time is devoted to the scrims. These are training matches against other teams. After each match, a time of exchange between the players and the coaching staff is carried out in particular to work on the strategic aspects and on the axes of improvement. In addition to training on the game, the majority of the structures also offer sports activities. Olivier, who has never been a big fan of sport, has now understood all the beneficial effects that it brings him both physically and mentally. During the last holidays, he even started to equip the family house with sports equipment. Unbelievable! As the mental aspect is also essential to perform well in the game, the structures regularly call on sports psychologists for individual and group sessions. This allows them to work with the players on their confidence or stress management. And apart from the performance aspect, the players must also participate in the creation of content for social networks, photo shoots for sponsors, interviews for the media... Also, after their day's work, players often still go to practice individually by playing a few games.

As you can see, an esports athlete doesn't have time to be bored and he fully deserves his weekly rest day.

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